Our Services & Process

Our Services & Process

REnovation design

Renovation Design features all of the same components as Full-Service Design with added elements of construction such as structural changes to enhance traffic flow, reconfiguration of a kitchen or bath, or home additions. This is a great option for new homeowners hoping to create a space that better reflects their lifestyle and aesthetic, or for more tenured owners aiming to breathe new life into their home and increase its value. Our purpose with Renovation Design is to provide you with a layered and refined home that is perfectly suited to your family’s needs.

Virtual Design

While our team prefers the level of client experience we're able to provide in our  full service design services, we understand that certain budgets and circumstances  may require a different solution. Our Virtual Design Packages can focus on a full single room or multiple areas within your home at a more affordable price.  Perfect for the hands-on DIY buff interested in exploring new room configurations, or updating their furnishings and décor,  custom virtual design packages from Home Sweet Happy can be tailored to fit your unique needs.

New construction

It all begins with an idea! Building your dream home from the ground up is an exciting (and at times, daunting) undertaking. By partnering with your Architecture and Construction leads, HSH can help your process go smoothly, ensuring the end result is a true reflection of your vision for your home. In the short-term, we’ll collaborate with you throughout planning and construction to select elements such as paint colors, flooring, lighting, hardware, countertops, and countless others.  Then we’ll take your project across the finish line with custom furnishings, art, window treatments, and decor to bring your home to life.

Perfect for homeowners seeking to optimize the comfort, beauty, and functionality of their space. Full-Service Design is a comprehensive solution that can be tailored to meet your unique needs.  We start with an in-depth consultation to discuss the goals and vision for your project.  Once we finalize your design plan, the HSH Team will get to work managing each detail from start to finish. From initial selections and ordering to working alongside our trusted tradespeople and vendors, through final installation and styling, we handle the entirety of the project,  every step of the way - so you can focus on you!

Full Service DESIGN

We are doing more than just making your home beautiful...

  From the time we step foot through your door to see the space, likely with coffee in hand, to the last lighting of a candle or pouring of celebratory champagne we are building a lasting relationship through our transparent process. 

We are filling you with confidence.

From our first conversation, our hope is to put you at ease - and dare we say? - get you excited about the process! Our design consultation marks the start of our hopeful long relationship and the countdown to your project kick off! With coffee in hand, we arrive eager to finally meet you! We will spend some time soaking up all of the info we can about your space, touring your home to nail down the project scope. We will follow up with a proposal meeting in which we discuss final scope, numbers, and timeline, making sure we are on the same page for what’s to come.


Weeks of design development begins! During this phase of the project we will be working through ALL of the aspects of your design - layout, furniture space planning, realistic illustrated renderings, product samples, mood boards, and more! This is all to prepare for the most fun part of this phase - your Design Presentation! But don’t think of this as some stuffy board room presentation. During this time, we will act as your hostess, resembling a get together with friends while we pour over your designs and samples while enjoying wine and cheese or luxurious teas and treats. At this meeting there are so many design goodies to share, so plan to hang out for a couple of hours! 

From here, we really take over all the things so you truly have time to do YOU! From order placement, tracking, inspecting, scheduling, communicating, and so much more, we are working behind the scenes to make sure everything is perfectly aligned for install day! If a remodel is taking place, this is when we will be coordinating with the trades for work being done and showing up on site to make sure all work is moving in the correct direction. You will continue to get weekly updates during this phase, but you wont be seeing much of us (its not the most fun part but somebody has got to do it!) 

While not-so-patiently awaiting deliveries and custom orders, we've been happily distracted designing our favorite layer—décor! You've most likely seen visual teasers to select a few elements like pillows or side tables, but I've also hit the streets to shop for stylistic pieces just for you. Come installation day (or days, depending) we kick you out of your home, set up and style your space to OCD perfection, and give you a made-for-tv-magic big reveal. Welcome home!

While we strive to make sure everything is perfect and complete when you walk back into your home, we all know that human error is a real thing. After install day, a final walkthrough will occur and HSH will create a punch list of any outstanding items needing taken care of, hand off all warranty information, and cleaning + care
guides in a final goodbye packet. Adding projects to our portfolio is an incredibly important part of our process and we appreciate your permission to do so. We will spend 4-6 hours creating lived-in scenes and documenting vignettes for use on social media and in our portfolio.

We’d love to