Enter: our partnership with LOVE YOUR STORY 

Enter: our partnership with LOVE YOUR STORY 

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As a mom of a kid with a disability myself, & one that has traveled extensively for therapies and actually benefited from Love Your Story, I know the importance of how this non-profit is helping families like ours — and as a former teacher, I understand how incredibly vital that feeling of belonging that LYS is teaching really, truly is.

Love Your Story is a non-profit that creates spaces, where families impacted by disabilities, can rest physically and financially while traveling for therapy services.  When they reached out to us about partnering with them to help with a custom new build for the families they serve, we could not wait to be a part of the story!  

Home Sweet Happy Designs is thrilled to come alongside LYS to help with their new home build by:

Why LOVE YOUR STORY matters? 

→ From insurance not covering costly medical treatments (not to mention travel costs for care),
→ To knowing other families that don’t understand what you’re going through, and not wanting to burden them,
→ To the emotional toll of navigating (and seeing your kids navigate) a world that isn’t set up to include your family.

It’s a lot for any one person or family to hold. But together, we can make life easier for one another.
We can create spaces where families impacted by disabilities can rest physically and financially.

  • reviewing architectural design to ensure the most efficient use of space for families impacted by disabilities 
  • selecting finishes for the home to create a welcoming and warm environment where families can find rest during this trying time 
  • a percentage of each client's design fee will go towards helping to furnish and decorate the home to provide comfort and beauty for the families served

Everyone Deserves to Belong 


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